Reduce volume of other tracks

Ever notice that your music, effects, or ambient background sound is getting in the way of clearly understanding the speaker? Descript's "Ducking" feature allows you to automatically lower the volume of other tracks in your Composition whenever a speech clip is present in the Script track.


Enabling Ducking in your Composition

To get started, open the Inspector sidebar on the right of your Composition and click the arrow to select a track in your composition to view the Track properties. Typically the Script track is the preferred track location, but you can enable this for other tracks in the pinned track as well.



Click the checkbox for Reduce volume of other tracks to enable the ducking feature and adjust the volume slider to the desired amount.



Now, whenever a clip is playing on this track, the volume of other tracks will automatically be reduced until the next gap clip appears in the timeline at which point it will increase back to the full clip volume setting until the next media clip appears. 





Enabling for Multiple clips

Whenever this feature is enabled for more than one track in the Composition, those other tracks are also excluded from the volume reduction and will remain at full volume. In this scenario, Descript will evaluate the volume reduction slider for all enabled tracks, and prefer the setting that reduces the volume of other tracks the most.