The Track Inspector

The Track Inspector provides a one-stop-shop to view the properties of your Compositions, including the different types of media you've added along the way. With the Track Inspector you can view Clip and Track-level properties of a Composition like:


Getting Started 

To open the Track Inspector in your Composition click on the Track Inspector  Screen_Shot_2021-04-08_at_6.58.51_PM.png icon at the top-right side of the app window, or press Command + Option + I (Mac) or Control + Alt + I (Windows).


Once opened, you'll see options for Composition level controls and settings. These include: 

  • Current Resolution and Frame Rate
  • Edit menu - Controlling your Orientation, Resolution, and Frame Rate (FPS) from the 
  • Volume -  Adjust the volume by moving the slider left/right.
  • Pan - Adjust the stereo panning by clicking the Pan pot and moving your mouse left/right.
  • + Add Effect - Add Effects such as a Compressor or Equalizer.

Reset Settings

You can quickly reset the volume and pan settings to 0 by double-clicking the pan pot / volume slider.


Below the Composition controls, you'll see the controls for the Script track as well as any additional media you've placed into the Composition. For tracks that include audio, such as the Script track, you can quickly access the Volume, Mute (M) and Solo (S) buttons, or adjust the Pan.



Mute and Solo

Pressing Mute button will prevent that track from playing while enabled. The Solo button on the other hand, will only play the selected track and mute all other tracks while enabled.


By clicking the arrow to the right, you be shown more in-depth properties that control your clip. Below is an example of a video file's properties, with the addition to Add Cue on the top right:


Please Note

The properties of your clip will change depending on the type of file or in app feature you're viewing, so keep this in mind when reviewing your clip properties in the Track Inspector