Screen Recorder


The Descript Screen Recorder makes it easy to capture video of your desktop and webcam for your projects. You can even share your recordings, or add them to a project to edit the recording further!


Download Descript

If you haven't yet already, download the Descript desktop application by visiting and clicking on the installer file. Once installed, the screen recording application will start up each time you launch Descript.


Using the Screen Recorder

The screen recorder appears as a separate window from the main Descript editing app. The following details will help get you familiar with its layout and features.


Recording Menu

The MacOS Screen Recording menu will appear in the menu bar at the top of the screen.



On Windows it will appear in the Notifications Area in your taskbar at the bottom of the screen.



Click on the Screen Recorder icon to load the recording menu. 



Here you can configure:

  • Screen / Camera - This will allow you to choose between a full-screen webcam recording, or screen recording with the option for a webcam preview.


  • Webcam selection - selecting a webcam will open a small preview window in the lower-left corner of your screen. You may click on the webcam preview and drag it to any location on your desktop.
  • Audio input device - choose which input device / microphone you would like to record your audio from.
  • Computer audio recording - This allows you to enable recording system audio from other applications.
  • Automatic transcription - When enabled, this feature will automatically transcribe your recorded speech.
  •  Other options (ellipsis button) - This provides access to the following additional options:
    • Screen Recorder preferences - this will open additional configuration settings (see below).
    • Open Project Browser - this will open a new Project Browser window.
    • Quit - click this to exit Descript and the Screen Recorder application.


Screen Recording Preferences

In the preferences menu, you can configure:

  • Custom keyboard shortcut - configure the keyboard shortcut you would like to use to start/stop screen recording.
  • Run in background - this allows the screen recorder to continue running even after you close the Descript editor.
  • Launch at login - this will launch the Descript Screen Recorder each time you log into your desktop.
  • Transcribe audio - enables or disables automatic transcription of your recorded audio.
  • Flip camera - enable this to horizontally flip/mirror the camera preview.
  • Default quality - changes the resolution of your recorded video.
  • Drive - For users with multiple Drive subscriptions, Descript allows you to configure which Drive you would like your Screen Recordings saved to. Captured videos are accessible by clicking on the Screen Recording option in the left-hand sidebar of the Project Browser.

Recent Recordings

After you're recorded some video, the main recording menu will also provide a list of your most recent recordings.



Hovering over each line item provides the options to:

  • Load the published screen capture by clicking on the image/name of the recording.
  • Copy the link to the published page.
  • Edit the screen recording by adding it as a video to a new/existing project in your Drive.
  • Delete the screen recording permanently.


Using the Screen Recorder

To begin using the screen recorder, click on the blue Start screen recording button on the main menu, or press the configured Start/Stop recording keyboard shortcut. You will be prompted to use your mouse to drag a box outlining the desired screen area you would like to record. Alternatively you may press Space on the keyboard or Click with the mouse to begin recording the full desktop.



Once you have completed a recording, you may either click on the Stop icon, or press the recording hotkey to stop recording.



A link to your recording will be copied to the clipboard and a preview box will open in the lower-right corner of your screen.There you will have the option to:

  • View in browser
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Close the preview



Even better, you can paste the link to your recording directly into Descript to begin editing the file immediately:

  • As a clip in the pinned track - place the cursor at the beginning of or within a paragraph and paste the link.


  • As a clip in the timeline track - place the cursor on a newline and paste the link.



Screen Recording Pages

You can view all of your screen recordings by navigating to the Project Browser (File > Open Project Browser) and clicking on the Pages option in the left-hand sidebar. Filter only your screen recordings by clicking on the Screen Recording option, or by filtering the list at the top of the page.