With the Descript Conductor, you can quickly access a host of navigation, search and editing features all from a single command palette.


To use Conductor, simply click on the Conductor under the Project Menu or type Control + K (Windows) or Command + K (Mac). There you can begin typing the name of the action you would like to perform and a list of suggestions will be populated for you to choose from.



List of Available Actions


  • Help
  • Tutorial

Drive View

  • Open Project
  • New Project


  • Invite Collaborator
  • Copy Project Link
  • Project Settings
  • Search within Project


  • Jump to Composition
  • <composition name>
  • Jump to Time
  • <timestamp>
  • Jump to Marker
  • <marker name>


  • Enter Correct Text Mode
  • Enter Edit Mode
  • Export
  • Clip to Composition
  • Split Clip at Playhead
  • Remove Filler Words


  • Shorten Word Gaps
  • Copy Highlights
  • Copy Highlights (specific highlight)
  • Highlight <last, colors>
  • Ignore Selection

Insert into Composition

  • Insert
  • Insert Track
  • Insert Marker
  • Insert Inline Note
  • Insert Overdub
  • Insert Comment
  • Insert Audio Recording
  • Insert Voice File
  • Insert Speaker Label


  • Publish
  • Create Audiogram


  • Export Timeline to ProTools/Logic
  • Export Timeline to Audition
  • Export Timeline to Premiere
  • Export Timeline to Final Cut Pro X
  • Export Subtitles
  • Export Text