Creating Lectures and Presentations

Delivering great lectures and presentations remotely isn’t easy. Descript helps you make presentations crisp, organized, and accessible — without spending hours editing. In as little as 5 minutes, you can transform your raw video materials to a presentation that is inspires and empowers your viewers.



Here are some tips to achieve presentation perfection using Descript:  

1. Remove verbal clutter that distracts from your core message.   

  • Remove Word Gaps
  • Remove Filler Words.
  • Review and delete unnecessary content. (Just hit the delete key - it's that easy.)

2. Organize your material. 

  • Reorganize your content as needed.
  • Add Markers to stay organized. 

3. Add subtitles and transcripts for audience accessibility and to appeal to any learning style.


Get Started! Descript is now offering educators and academic institutions discounted Descript Creator Memberships. You can get started absolutely for free by downloading Descript and creating a Descript account. Once you have your account, please apply for an educational discount here. We'll review applications regularly and send you an invitation to join our educational discount program.  ​​Apply for an Educator Discount​!

Descript also supports importing Zoom Recordings in 1-click!