Overdub Sharing and Privacy

Can someone else use Overdub to clone my voice?

No. When recording Overdub Voice training data, Descript users must positively affirm their identity and express consent to generating their Overdub synthesized voice.

Training data which does not include this consent statement cannot be used to create an Overdub Voice. In other words, unless you specifically consent to Overdub Voice creation, your voice cannot be used to train an Overdub Voice.

We verify this consent by authenticating the audio uploaded against our training script to ensure that the voice recorded is consenting to voice synthesis.

How do I make sure no one uses my Overdub Voice to make fake content?

Your Overdub Voice is your own. No one can create audio with your Overdub Voice unless you explicitly grant them permission to do so.

Can other people use my Overdub Voice?

As the owner of an Overdub Voice, you can grant other users access to use or administer your Overdub Voice. Each additional user requires a Descript Pro subscription in the same drive where the Overdub Voice is being billed. To grant another Descript Pro user access to your Overdub Voice, email overdub@descript.com and we can provide access for them.

How does Descript use my data associated with Overdub?

You can learn all about this in the Overdub section on our Security & Data protection site and in section 9.3 of our Terms of Service.