Descript 101: Editing Basics

We explore some of our favorite ways to stay organized and edit material, starting with media and folder management to help you structure your projects. We’ll show you different ways you can use Descript’s tools to organize your source material, and delve into the power of non-destructive editing. We’ll also cover different ways you can navigate within your project, how to use Search to execute batch actions, and how to use the Timeline and Wordbar for fine-tuning your edits. Lastly we cover Descript’s version tracking functionality and how to flatten your composition to ready it for publishing.

Descript 101: Recording Basics

This webinar covers all of the different ways you can bring content into Descript. We’ll show you how to record audio directly into Descript, including recording great-sounding audio and recording remote interviews over Zoom or Skype, importing meetings from Zoom, importing pre-existing audio files in single and multiple tracks, and importing transcripts for working with scripted recordings.

Creative Narrative Non-Fiction with Descript

In this webinar, we’ll show you how the producers at Frequency Machine use Descript to turn raw interviews and VO into story cuts ready for final scoring and sweetening by their sound designers. We’ll cover: transcribing and logging multiple types of sources, both single- and multi-track; organizing Projects so multiple team members can collaborate effectively; tips and tricks for transforming a raw interview into a fully edited voice cut; using Descript to collaborate with team members on score and sound design; and handing off for final sound touch-ups.

Case Study: Passport podcast
Level: Intermediate

Descript 3.6: New Features Overview

Learn about the latest new features in Descript 3.6 including: Recording System Audio and Remote Recordings on Mac, publishing your podcasts to Buzzsprout, publishing your content to Headliner, and more organizational and performance improvements!

Descript 3.4: New Features Overview

Learn about the latest features in Descript, including: Publishing, Audiograms, Live Transcription, Overdub, Quick Switcher and more. 
Level: Beginner.   
Aired on: April 15, 2020

Descript 101: Getting Started

Level: Beginner.   
In this webinar, we walk you through the very basics of Descript, creating a 3 minute podcast episode, start to finish. The episode will include 2 speakers recorded at a different loudness levels, lots of audio edits needed, additional recording, music, and fades. We'll explain each tool, its purpose, and common editing tricks. The session will finish with exporting our final creation.