Affiliate and partner guide to Descript

Descript has a lot amazing features. To help you best tell the story, we've narrowed it down to our Top 10 most impactful features. We also include GIFs, screen shots, videos, and webpages you can link against. 

Descript Top Features: 

Descript Screenshot

Edit Audio by editing text

GIF  | web page |   video | Looping video - Edit Video by Editing Text

Overdub word and phrase insertions: Correct your voice recordings by simply typing. 

 webpage |  video 1 (Catherine) | video 2 (Andrew)

Wordbar: Adjust the spacing between words with the Wordbar

Fine tune the spacing in your dialog. 
GIF  |  web page |  30-sec embed video 

Add Music by Drag and Drop; Add a musical interlude by dragging with the wordbar

webpagevideo (3 min) 

Filler words: Um/uh removal. Find and replace “You Know”.

Automatically detect ums and uhs and remove them with a single click
GIF  | webpage | 30-sec video

Find and Remove Words - delete/ignore disfluencies other than "um" or "uh"
GIF  |  web page  | 30-sec video  

Organize long content with Clip to Composition & Copy Highlights

Clip to Composition: GIF  | video
Copy Highlights:  GIF |  video 


Multitrack live transcription

Descript dynamically generates a single combined transcript from a live recording or a media file.

Live transcription and editing recordings live: video
Multitrack transcription: webpage  | video

Live collaboration: Real Time multi-user editing and commenting

Google Docs-style collaboration, commenting, and editing. Shared in the cloud.    

Image  | GIF-mentions | Web page (multiuser editing) | Web page (sharing and commenting) ​

Auto-clip leveling and industry-standard volume normalization at export.

‍Getting volume levels to match across multiple files and recordings is one of the most tedious parts of mixing a podcast - Descript now handles that automatically.

GIF - Autolevel file on import | GIF - Autolevel a clip  |  90-sec video webpage