Recording and editing classes and lectures

Many colleges, universities, and secondary schools are rapidly transitioning their lectures, lessons, and courses to be online only - or blended between online and in-person.

Institutions have detailed remote teaching guidelines, extensive resources, and fantastic support staff. However, it can be overwhelming if you just want to get a lesson recorded, quickly edited, and posted to your Learning Management System!

To keep it simple, there are 2 key tools you need to get started: 

  1. Zoom Video Conferencing - a simple video conferencing tool that also allows you to record your lectures. 
  2. Descript - an intuitive program that allows you to quickly and easily edit and publish your content. Descript uses AI to allow anyone to edit audio (and video!) as easy as editing text.  

NEW! Descript now supports importing Zoom Recordings in 1-click!

Let's demo the lecture recording and editing process, end-to-end, with Megan, a fictional Professor of Entomology... 

Now that Megan's content is edit and exported, it's time to share her video and captions with her students. 

Here's how to upload your content, captions, and materials to Canvas, a popular learning management system:   

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Descript 101 for Educators: Demo