Automatic transcription with Descript

Descript offers both Automatic (AI-powered) and White Glove (human-powered) transcription.

For automatic transcription, Descript (and most automatic transcription services) uses a third-party transcription engine — the accuracy provided by bigger companies is far superior to anything that could be built independently. We regularly measure the accuracy of all the major transcription services so we can be sure we're always providing the highest level of accuracy to our customers. We sometimes publish the results of these tests -  you can read more about these findings here.

Automatic transcription quality varies wildly depending on the nature of the audio. With a high-quality recording, and a native English person speaking clearly, accuracy can get up to 95% — but poor audio quality and hard-to-distinguish speech can reduce accuracy to 80% or lower.

Here's what we're doing to help:

  1. We offer a free trial with three hours of transcription so you can make sure it works for you before spending money.
  2. We've built powerful tools that make it very fast to correct transcripts - so you can close the gap between an automatic transcript and perfection in far less time than it would take to transcribe something by hand.
  3. We offer a human-powered White Glove transcription service to all paid subscribers. If Descript's best-in-class automatic transcription isn't cutting it for you and you don't want to go to the trouble to correct typos, then you need human transcription, and we've got you covered. Our White Glove transcription is quality-guaranteed, and costs $2 per minute, with an average turnaround of 24-hours.