Exporting Audio

You can export audio by clicking the Export button, and then choosing Audio  from the export options. 

You can export audio in the following formats:

  • AAC (.m4a)
  • MP3 (.mp3)
  • Lossless WAV (.wav)

You can also adjust the following parameters when exporting your audio:

  • Number of Channels (1 or 2)
  • Sample Rate (44100 or 48000) 
  • Target Bitrate (for AAC and MP3 files)

We've even made it possible to normalize your audio files when exporting. Simply click on the Export  option at the top of the application and select Audio  from the list: 

Here you will have the opportunity to select from the following types of normalization:

  • Peak
  • -14 LUFS
  • -16 LUFS
  • -18 LUFS
  • -23 LUFS
  • -24 LUFS

When you're ready to go, click the blue Export button to create your file.

LKFS, LUFS, and Perceived Loudness

Looking to expand your knowledge warehouse with loads LKFS/LUFS goodies? Check out this article by Hugh Robjohns in the February 2014 Issue of Sound on Sound magazine, which provides a wonderfully detailed explanation:

The End of the Loudness War? - Sound on Sound