Creating a new Drive

Descript supports the capability of adding additional drives to your account, each with it's own subscription. This is great if you have different projects that require independent billing or if you need to segment collaborators onto isolated drives.

To get started, click the Create a new Drive button in the sidebar of the Project Browser, choose which plan you would like.


Fill out the Drive Name details (if left blank it will auto-fill in the name for you) and either annual or monthly billing. If you've chosen a Team drive, you can also invite other members to join the drive at this time.

Note: Each drive member that is added to a Team Drive will result in another subscription charge and up to 10 hours of automatic transcription per user in a shared bucket. For example if you create a new monthly Team drive with 2 additional collaborators, the resulting subscription will be $18/mo x 3 collaborators for $54/mo total, with 30 monthly transcription hours for use among all members.