Script Editing Modes: Edit Media and Correct Text

One of the most important things to know about Descript is that there are two main editing modes: Edit Media and Correct Text.


Edit Media

Edit Media mode is great for organizing your content:

  • Delete unwanted sections of content
  • Cut/copy/paste from one section of your Composition to another, or to other Compositions in the same project. You can even copy text and media to other Projects!
  • Affects the underlying audio
  • Can only type punctuation



Correct Text

Correct text is perfect for creating an accurate transcript:

  • Make corrections to typos
  • Add punctuation and capitalization
  • Cannot delete more than 40 characters at a time (helps prevent accidentally deleting your transcript if you meant to use Edit Media mode instead)



Additionally, if your transcription is missing portions of text, you can use Correct Text to fill in the gaps:



Switching Modes

To switch between the two modes, press Cmd + E on Mac, Ctrl + E on Windows, or click the dropdown in the upper left of your script: