Normalize Audio


For more on Loudness, read this Transom article.


Volume Normalization is a feature that you can use to adjust the overall gain or volume level of a file. This allows you the control to ensure your audio is consistent across the entire Composition. 


Using Normalization

The way you access it is by opening your Media Library and clicking the ellipsis to the right of the file name. From the pop-out menu that appears, select Normalize Audio.


Currently in Descript, we have two types of normalization: 

  • Peak, which takes the loudest part of your file and boosts the rest of the audio to match that loudest point in the file. 
  • Loudness, which is a process that tries to measure the way that the human ear perceives the overall track (For more on Loudness, read this Transom article)

Please Note: When you use the Normalize Audio feature, this will affect the audio clip and all Composotios the file is used in.