Effects Overview



Descript lets you add a Compressor or Equalizer effect to any track in your Descript Composition. This is an easy way to make sure your audio is ready for publication, a few quick effects and you're ready to go, it's really that simple!


Getting Started

To view your tracks, you can click the Inspector icon on the top right of Descript


The Inspector shows a quick view of all the tracks in your current Composition. From this view, you can quickly adjust Gain and Pan, or I can Mute a track or Solo it. These added effects can be set per individual track.

Note: You can also use the Keyboard Shortcut to view the track inspector:

MacOS: Cmd + Option + I    Windows: Ctrl + Alt + I


Adding Effects

To add an effect, you can click on the Add Effect button from the Inspector. Just as the other editing options (Gain/Pan/Mute/Solo), the Compressor and the Equalizer can be applied to individual tracks or to the entire Composition. 




Are there presets I can use for consistency across my clips?

Yes! The Compressor and Equalizer both have preset options that you can use for your project. To view these, click on the ellipsis on either effect to view the Effect Presets.