Descript's commenting features make it easy to annotate your transcript — and the audio beneath it.

To leave a comment, select some words in your transcript (or double-click on one). A formatting menu will appear just above your selection — you're looking for the Comment  button, which is on the far-right side.

A commenting box will appear in the right margin. Type your comment, and click Post .

Your comment will be visible to your collaborators who view the Project wherever they're using Descript, including:

  • In the Descript for Windows app
  • In the Descript for Mac app (which displays the first comment in a thread in-app, along with a link to view the full thread).
  • In the Project's web view (accessible via the link in the Share panel)

Note: You can also leave comments via a Project's web view, which is the version you see when you open the Project link in your web browser.