Project access

Descript makes it easy to manage how collaborators access a project. Invited collaborators can perform many of the functions that Drive members can on a given project, like correcting a transcript, editing content, and exporting a finished Composition.


Inviting collaborators

To invite someone to edit or comment on your Project, click the Share button in the top-right corner of the app. Next under the Project access tab, type in the email address of the person you'd like to invite and click Send.


Setting Editing & Commenting permissions for collaborators

Descript gives you control over which of your collaborators can make edits to a Project, and who can only leave comments. To change this, click on the text to the right of their name and choose the desired setting.

Note that you can select Can edit or Can comment for each respective collaborator as you send out your invites, or after you've sent them.

It's also important to note that comments created in a Descript project do not correlate with comments provided on a published page - project comments are private to those with access to a project, whereas published comments are tied to a published page.


Who can access this project

Descript automatically generates a handy web link you can use to access your project. By default, this private link will only work for you and the specific people you invite to collaborate on your project (if you haven't invited anyone else to collaborate, the link will work for Just you).

If you'd like to make your project accessible to other people without having to invite each of them individually, you either allow access to Members of the Drive (for shared Drive's) or Anyone with the link. If you're working with sensitive content, be sure you're comfortable with this! 


Removing a collaborator from a project

To remove a collaborator from your project, use the dropdown menu next to their name (the same one you'd use to select Can edit or Can Comment, pictured above) and select Remove.


Be sure to double check the setting you've chosen under "Anyone with the link." If it's set to Can comment, then the collaborator you've removed may still be able to access your project.