Transcribing files

Getting Started

Descript makes transcribing files as easy as dragging and dropping one or many files into the app. It doesn't matter if it's audio or video, they work the same. Descript transcription is accurate and fast. Even if your file is an hour or longer, you should have a transcript back within a few minutes. Descript has the ability to apply Speaker Labels using the Speaker Detection feature as the transcription is generating. With these easy to use features, you'll be getting your Project publish-ready in no time!

Transcribing an audio file


Transcribing a video file


Transcribing multiple files


Please note: our AI is very accurate, but sometimes there are a few mistakes in the script. You can fix any errors manually with Correct Text mode.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transcribe a file if I don't see the transcribe prompt on the left sidebar?
Normally when you add a file to your composition, you will be prompted to transcribe the file in the left-hand sidebar, but sometimes you can click out of that sidebar before the transcription is chosen. 

Not a problem though, you can just hover over the script in your composition, click the dropdown arrow that appears on the right and select "Transcribe".


If the file has not yet been added to your composition, you can also click on the Media Library, select or right-click on the file, then choose "Transcribe file".