My transcription is taking a long time to complete!

If your transcription appears to be taking longer to complete than expected, or appears stuck, here are some tips:

Automatic Transcription Stuck at 0%

Make sure the files you've imported or recorded have been fully processed and uploaded to the cloud. You can check your cloud sync status by clicking on the cloud icon in the top right corner of the application. Once complete the indicator will look like this:

Automatic Transcription Stalled Partway Through

Nearly all issues with transcriptions stalling at some percentage are caused by an unstable internet connection. If you are using a wireless hotspot, or are in an area known for connection issues, try switching to another internet connection to see if this improves. Additionally, if you are using a wifi connection, try connecting  your computer directly to your modem/router with a hardwire network cable.

White Glove Transcription Hasn't Arrived

Human powered transcription is generally completed within the same business day, however in rare cases it can take up to 3 business days for a completed transcript to appear. If your transcript still has not arrived after 3 business days, please reach out to Descript Support for assistance.