What’s New in Descript

This article is for our existing users who want a full overview of what's changed in our latest big Season 6 launch. Read about all the improvements we've made or watch the video below where Descript's CEO Andrew walks you through everything you need to know about the changes.

Are you brand new to Descript?

Check out our UI tour where we introduce the two main areas in Descript: the Editor—where your creations come to life—and the Drive view—the organizational hub for your projects and teams.

New Look for Descript

The first thing you’ll notice is Descript’s new design. The updated aesthetics make the app more readable and less imposing, especially in areas like the properties panel.

New Descript UI design

Consolidated Insertion Menus

We've moved all the insertion menus into a single right sidebar. This makes it easier to find everything and keeps your workspace uncluttered.

Consolidated insertion bar

Properties are now in Scene and Layer

Properties are now divided into two tabs: "Scene" for scene-level controls and "Layer" for layer properties. This organization makes it simpler to manage different elements of your project.

Scene and layer tabs in Descript

Captions have their own tab

Captions now have their own sidebar. When you click on them, they apply to the whole composition by default, streamlining your workflow.

Apply captions sidebar in Descript

Enhanced Composition Navigation

Switch between compositions quickly with the new navigation options in the app bar. You can also keep compositions open in the project sidebar for easier access.

Enhanced composition navigation in Descript

Canvas Toolbar Enhancements

The canvas selection toolbar now includes quick access to more properties, reducing the need to open the layer properties tab constantly.

Canvas toolbars enhancements in Descript

Sidebar Recorder

The recorder has been relocated to the sidebar. You can now insert recordings into your script as a new layer or replace a selection with just a click.

Sidebar recorder in Descript

Better File Preview

Clicking on a file now shows a large preview, making it easier to find and drag the parts you need into your composition, especially useful for long files.

File preview in Descript

Flexible Selection Scope

For layers spanning multiple scenes, you can now easily change the scope of your selection, such as applying changes to the current scene or the entire layer.

Flexible selection scope in Descript

Underlord Sidebar for AI Actions

All AI actions are now accessible in the new Underlord sidebar, making them easier to find and use.

Underlord sidebar for AI actions in Descript

Improved AI Actions UI

The UI for AI actions now includes proper buttons and interfaces, making it more user-friendly than the previous text field approach.

Improved AI Actions UI in Descript

Popular AI Effects in Underlord

We’ve added our most popular AI effects to the Underlord sidebar for easier access and discovery.

Popular AI effects in Underlord sidebar

Smarter Layout Swapping

When switching between layouts, layers now swap instead of always adding new ones, making the process feel more intuitive, like a slide deck.

Some old templates moved to elements

Some templates that involve adding layers, such as annotations or overlays, have been moved to elements for better organization.

Old templates moved to elements in Descript

Project-Based Template Memory

Once you select a template for a project, Descript now remembers it on a per-project basis, saving you time.

Save New Layouts Easily

It’s now simpler to save new layouts to your templates, improving your workflow.

Save a layout in Descript

Redesigned Timeline

The timeline has been fully redesigned with numerous small improvements, making it cleaner and easier to use.

Redesigned timeline in Descript

Friendlier Empty Project State

New projects or compositions now greet you with a much friendlier empty state, improving the initial user experience.

Friendlier empty project state in Descript

Improved Blank Line State

Blank lines now have a more intuitive empty state. Instead of starting with AI speech by default, you now click to add speech, reflecting user preferences.

Improved blank line state in Descript

Clearer Scene Boundaries

We’ve made scene boundaries more obvious by adding a border around them, helping you keep track of your scenes better.

Clearer scene boundaries in Descript

Removed Script Margin Buttons

Unnecessary buttons in the script margin have been removed to declutter the interface.

Removed script margin buttons in Descript

Automatic Speaker Detection

Speaker detection now runs automatically when you transcribe a file, removing the need for manual intervention.

Automatic speaker detection in Descript

Easy Speaker Label Changes

You can now change speaker labels by simply selecting a range, making corrections quick and easy.

Better Speaker Label Merging

The workflow for merging speaker labels has been improved, streamlining the process.

New Editor Layout Selector

A new selector allows you to easily swap between different editor layouts, enhancing customization.

Improved Notifications

Notifications for activities like file uploading, transcribing, and effect processing have been improved for better user awareness.

Marker Navigation Relocation

Marker navigation has been moved down to the transport controls, consolidating navigation tools.

Marker navigation relocation in Descript

Home Button Relocated

The home button has been pulled out from other menu controls, making it more accessible.

screenshot of new home icon

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