Take Photos Together with SquadShots

With SquadCast, creators, and collaborators can capture professional-quality photos together, AKA SquadShots. These photos are accessible as a composited PNG file and isolated studio quality PNG files for each participant. Participants also have the option to opt out of being included in the image.

SquadShots are a great way to capture memories and document your collaborations, and with SquadCast, it’s easy to get high-quality results.


Why SquadShots Is Helpful?

Professional-Quality Photos
SquadCast's SquadShots are studio quality, ensuring that you'll get professional-quality results every time.
Composited And Isolated Images
SquadShots are available as both a composited PNG file and isolated PNG files for each participant, giving you flexibility and control over how you use the images.
Participant Opt-Out
Participants have the option to opt out of being included in SquadShots, giving everyone control over their own image.
Easy Collaboration
SquadCast's SquadShots make it easy for creators and collaborators to document their work and capture memories together.
Convenient, All-In-One Solution
SquadCast provides everything you need to capture professional-quality SquadShots within a single platform, making it convenient and easy to use.


How to take a SquadShot:

  1. Connect with your guests and collaborators in a real-time Recording Session
  2. Click on the SquadShots button
  3. Opt-out if you like; otherwise, wait for the countdown, and Smile!
  4. View, download, and share SquadShots right away.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I do with SquadShots?
You can share them on social media and tag your collaborators as hype for upcoming episodes or in the episode artwork.
Can I use SquadShots for YouTube thumbnails?
Yes, with SquadShots, you can take them at any time to get the perfect shot, and you can download the individual images in full resolution.
What if other participants do not want to be in SquadShots?
Each time you click the SquadShots button, everyone in the recording session is prompted to sit it out and not participate. Additionally, you can re-render SquadShots and choose to leave out any participants you wish.
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