Troubleshooting files that appear to be cut short, partial, unfinished, or incomplete

When you record with SquadCast we always keep a copy of the files on our end as well as a backup. If the Edit in Descript function is not working as expected, you can always download the files manually from SquadCast. Here is the information on how to do that: Download Audio + Video Recordings.

You can also find backups of your recordings in SquadCast: Access Cloud Audio + Video Recordings. If, by chance, the backups are also cut short, note that the cloud backups are created server-side, and primary recordings rely on progressive uploading. If your internet entirely cuts out, that section will probably not make it into the recording. That being said, cloud backups should reflect the entire session, so please double-check whether the correct file is being downloaded.


If you are expecting more from your backups, you can always try manually requesting the cloud backups from your dashboard. We'd suggest the session host manually request cloud backups from your dashboard.  Manually requesting the cloud backup from your dashboard is a provided method of obtaining these backups, as we cannot place a file in your dashboard and need the session host or account owner to try requesting. To do this:

      • On your dashboard, in the left menu, select the recordings icon under the home icon. Locate the session and select the three-dot menu. Then just select the Get Cloud Recordings option. Once done, cloud recordings should become available if not already done.

If this also does not work, often another reason the main recording is short is that the speaker left the session before the upload and render finished. This can cause the cut-off file you are seeing. We do display a pop-up warning participants to stay in the session to allow for some more time for uploading/rendering once the recording is over. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover the full file once this happens. This is one of the reasons we make live backups like the one you are currently working from.


If you have already made sure that you gave proper time for the files to upload here are a few other things to keep in mind that can cause this:

  • If a guest used wireless AirPods while recording - Bluetooth devices will work, but are not recommended for use for several quality and performance reasons. They are not capable of supporting recording at 48kHz, the added bluetooth process introduces things like latency, the bluetooth connectivity process is often not recognized as the OS default, and they'll automatically degrade quality to prolong battery life. It'd be best to use wired devices as both the input and output to ensure all files are properly recorded and uploaded.
  • If a guest used a unsupported sample rate of rather than the required 48khz. This if also often likely a limitation of a wireless input device used. Using a much lower sample rate would certainly cause an affect to the primary file. The participant can adjust the sample rate within the computer's OS sound settings. Please view our support page with more info on doing that here: Microphone Sample Rate.

SquadCast does provide some useful tools that help provide hosts with more ability and insight to guest equipment and equipment info. While in Session, the host can view participant's sample rates, OS and Browser version by expanding the participants menu when selecting the participant's icon in the lower right corner of your in session display. That'll provide insight if the sample rate needs to be adjusted before recording. You could even change participants equipment by selecting the associated down arrows for mic/headphones/camera.

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