Can I have a show manager in the background who has control of the setup and manages the call without being in the actual recording?

Account owners can invite team members at no extra charge to join an existing organization with an assigned role. That can be done from your account team members page found here:


By selecting the Invite team members option at the top. There, you can enter an email to invite and choose a role. The entered email will receive an invitation email with instructions for accepting and joining an organization. You can find more info regarding team roles from our support doc here - Team Members.


Once you have added a show manager to your organization, to have a Show Manager run your show in SquadCast, follow these steps:

  1. Access Show Settings:

    • Navigate to the "Shows" section in the SquadCast dashboard.
    • Select the show you want to manage.
  2. Assign a Show Manager:

    • In the show's settings, you will see an option to add or manage show members.
    • Add the person you want to designate as the Show Manager. Ensure they have the appropriate permissions to manage the show.
  3. Schedule a Sessions:

    • The Show Manager can now schedule recording sessions. They can do this by selecting the "Schedule" option within the show's dashboard.
    • Set the date, time, and participants for the recording session.
  4. Start and Manage the Show:

    • At the scheduled time, the Show Manager can start the recording session by clicking the "Start Session" button.
    • During the session, the Show Manager can manage participants, control recording settings, and ensure the show runs smoothly.
    • A Show Manager can move backstage if they are not going to be part of the recording. 
  5. Post-Session Management:

    • After the recording, the Show Manager can manage the recorded files, make edits, and distribute the final content as needed.

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