Descript classic project migration

As of March 4th 2024, we will begin the migration of classic Descript projects to the current app. This article offers a comprehensive overview of the process for migrating classic projects to the updated Descript design introduced in 2022 and how to prepare for that process.

All classic project with be updated

Since we launch Descript's new design, we have been hard at work improving the new design and experience. In October 2023, we stopped supporting creating classic projects. Now, we’re about to start migrating all remaining classic projects to the current Descript. You'll still be able to access and edit these projects, but in the new editor.

Update the app before opening projects

The migration process will start on March 4th for beta users, and we highly recommend updating the app to the latest version before opening a project. You can check for updates from the Drive view by selecting Help > check for updates...

screenshot of Drive View with numbered steps for checking for updates

Reach out with any issues

Please get in touch with our support team in you encounter issues with a project that migrated into the new version of Descript.

Need help learning the new Descript?

We're here to help you continue creating amazing work in Descript! We have a ton of resources for you to become confident with the new design. Here are some good places to start:

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