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SquadCast is committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for remote recording. However, there may be instances when an organization's account owner may decide to close the account or it is closed for other reasons. It is essential for SquadCasters to understand the implications of account closure and our data retention policy, particularly concerning saved recordings. Once an organization is closed, access to the studio will be restricted, and no additional recordings may be made. The dashboard and search will continue functioning, allowing access to all previously recorded files.

Reasons for Account Closure

  1. Owner-Initiated Closure: The account owner may close their organization's SquadCast account for any reason. This can be done by following the account closure self-serve process within the application.
  2. Non-Payment: SquadCast reserves the right to close an organization's account if there is a failure to make timely payments for the subscription plan. This can happen if the payment method on file is invalid, expired, or declined by the financial institution. SquadCast will notify the account owner via email about any issues with the payment and allow a grace period to resolve them. The account may be closed if the payment is not made within the grace period.

Data Retention Policy and Saved Recordings

When an organization's account is closed, all saved recordings associated with the account will be subject to our data retention policy. SquadCast retains saved recordings for a period of 60 days from the date of closure. This means that after the 60-day period, all saved recordings will be permanently deleted from our storage and will no longer be accessible or recoverable.

It is crucial for users to download and store their recordings securely before the 60-day period elapses to prevent data loss. We recommend that users maintain a backup of their recordings in a separate location, such as an external hard drive or cloud storage service, to ensure they always have access to their recordings.

Understanding the reasons for account closure and SquadCast's data retention policy is essential for all users to prevent unexpected loss of access to their recordings. To avoid account closure due to non-payment, always ensure that you have a valid payment method on file and that your subscription fees are paid on time. Before your account is closed, download and store your recordings to prevent permanent data loss.

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