Create a New Webhook

Webhooks empower you to send data from your SquadCast account to trusted apps when important events happen.

How to create a new Webhook

  1. Navigate to your account settings and select the Developers tab within the left side navigation.
  2. Click the Create Webhook button.

    Creating a Webhook in the SquadCast Developer account settings

  3. Input the Webhook URL that you would like to send your data to, keeping the following in mind:
    • The URL must be accessible over HTTPS.
    • The URL cannot be served from localhost. We recommend Localtunnel for testing purposes.
  4. Check the box to the left of one or more Webhook Events that you would like to send your data.
  5. Click the Confirm button to save your Webhook.

    Configuring the Webhook

Webhook options

Here are the options available to you within the Webhooks section of your account settings:

  • Click the Vertical ellipses icon.png Manage Webhook button and select:
    • Edit Webhook to make changes to any existing Webhook.
    • Delete Webhook to permanently remove any existing Webhook from your account.

How Webhook delivery works with SquadCast

If Webhook URLs do not respond with HTTP status code 200 or the request times out, we will retry the request. We will continue to retry the request for a few minutes with an exponential backoff strategy.

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