Create a New API Secret Key

API keys are powerful and provide privileged access that developers use to interact with the data in their SquadCast Account, typically through backend code. They should be kept secret and only be used with other trusted apps because they provide access to create, modify, and delete data in your SquadCast Account.


  1. Navigate to your Account page and select Developers within the left side navigation
  2. Click the Create API Secret Key button
  3. Input the Key Name, we recommend
    1. using the name of the trusted app you are using the Key with
    2. creating one Key per trusted app (this will allow you to revoke them per trusted app if needed in the future)


  1. Click the Create button to save your new API Secret Key
  2. Click the Reveal button to view your new API Secret Key
  3. Click the Manage API Key button (3 dot icon) and select Copy to Clipboard to copy your new API Secret Key to your clipboard
  4. Click on the API Docs button to access full developer documentation for the SquadCast API
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