Echo Cancellation & Avoiding Volume Ducking

You can enable (toggle on) Echo Cancellation in the Green Room if you're not wearing headphones. This setting helps prevent other participants' voices from echoing or feeding back from your speakers through your microphone.

Echo Cancellation in the Green Room

You can also enable Echo Cancellation from the Studio settings while you're in a session.

Echo Cancellation in the Studio

Wearing headphones

We recommend wearing headphones to ensure the highest quality audio in your recordings. Wearing headphones prevents echoing and feedback in most cases, and that means that your audio will not need to be altered or compressed by echo cancellation.

Not wearing headphones

Sometimes you or your participants will not have headphones available. We recommend that each participant without headphones enables echo cancellation to prevent disruptive echoing or feedback during your recording session.

The disadvantage of this setting is that volume ducking may occur in the recordings. 

For more information on this topic, please read our blog post, The Choice Between Headphones, Echo Cancellation, & Volume Ducking.

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