Wear Headphones

Why should I wear headphones?

We recommend that all participants wear headphones when they join a SquadCast recording session in order to prevent other participant's voices from echoing or feeding back from their speakers into their microphone. Wearing headphones prevents echoing and feedback in most cases, and helps ensure that you'll have a high quality recording from your session.

What if I don't have headphones?

It's cool, just lower your speaker volume, move your speakers away from your microphone, and be sure to enable Echo Cancellation in the Green Room or the Studio settings.

What about Bluetooth headphones?

Wired headphones are preferred over Bluetooth because they are zero latency and will not disconnect or die from battery loss. If Bluetooth is the only option, make sure to have them fully charged. When possible, avoid using a Bluetooth headset as both microphone and headphones as this drastically reduces the quality of both.

While Bluetooth devices can be utilized, we typically recommend opting for wired devices to ensure optimal recording quality and performance. This is because wired connections support recording at 48kHz and provide a reliable, latency-free experience. Additionally, wired devices are usually recognized easily as the OS default, ensuring a seamless recording and uploading process. By choosing wired devices for both input and output, you're more likely to enjoy a trouble-free recording session with SquadCast.

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