Delete Audio + Video Recordings


Recording files are grouped into Takes. Starting and stopping a recording creates a Take. Recording files can be deleted individually or by a group from the Dashboard or in the Studio.

Delete Files Individually

  1. Find and select the Take to delete
  2. Identify the file you'd like to delete and select the 3 dot menu icon
  3. Select delete
  4. Click to confirm

You also have the ability to delete groups of recordings from your Workflow Drawer or the Recent Recordings. Just click the box next to the recording(s) then select the Delete icon and confirm.

In the Studio


  1. Click the Recordings icon button in the lower-right corner
  2. Find and select the Take to delete
  3. Find the recording within the Take
  4. Click the Manage Recording (3-dot) icon button
  5. Click the Delete Recording option
  6. Click the button to confirm
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