Download Audio + Video Recordings

Recording files are downloaded individually or all files at once.

From the Dashboard (individually)


Under the Recent Recording tab, please 

  1. Locate and select the session.  
  2. Click the Take, and select the participant to expand. 
  3. Select the menu icon and the download button, then choose the download format and confirm to download.

In the Studio (individually)


  1. Click the Recordings icon button in the lower right corner of your display
  2. Select the recording
  3. Click the Manage Recording button
  4. Click Download, and select the file format of your choice

Finally, all recordings can be downloaded together from the Dashboard. 

Download All


  1. Find and click the recording Session you want to download files from
  2. Click the Manage Recording icon button next to the recording
  3. Click Download
  4. Click Download for the file format of your choice
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