Enhance Recordings with Dolby Mastering

For Pro and above plans: master audio files with one click to add post-production efficiency through automatic leveling, EQ, and background noise reduction. 

Dolby 1-Click Mastering will eliminate the need for a lot of manual post-production workflow by:

  • Normalizing loudness to -16 LUFS, the industry standard, with Dolby Dialog Intelligence
  • Optimizing speech dynamics & tonality impacted by microphone technique
  • Reducing background noise & sounds that are not human speech
  • Filtering out undesirable noises like thumps & low-frequency hums under 100 Hz
  • Reducing sibilance from harsh consonant sounds like "s," "ch," or "th" to enhance speech

enhance-recordings-with-dolbly.gifLocate your session and expand the session data:  

  • Select the menu to the right of the recording you'd like mastered
  • At the bottom, select 1-Click Audio Mastering w/Dolby
  • Then select the Yellow Mastering with Dolby button

A new file generates and mastered by Dolby Dialogue Intelligence. 

*Note, please try enhancing one recording at a time and allow to finish before selecting another recording to enhance.

*Note, only available to Studio and Enterprise level plans

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