Enhance Recordings with Dolby Mastering

What is Dolby Mastering?

Users with Pro and above plans can master audio files with one click to add post-production efficiency through automatic leveling, EQ, and background noise reduction. Dolby 1-Click Mastering will eliminate the need for a lot of manual post-production workflow by:

  • Normalizing loudness to -16 LUFS, the industry standard, with Dolby Dialog Intelligence.
  • Optimizing speech dynamics & tonality impacted by microphone technique.
  • Reducing background noise and sounds that are not human speech.
  • Filtering out undesirable noises like thumps and low-frequency hums under 100Hz.
  • Reducing sibilance from harsh consonant sounds like "s," "ch," or "th" to enhance speech.

How to apply Dolby Mastering to recording files

  1. Select the Recordings tab in the top left corner of the Dashboard.
  2. Locate and select the session to expand it, then click the checkboxes next to the files you want to master.
  3. Expand the Workflow Drawer, then select the Master Audio with Dolby button.
  4. In the confirmation window that appears, select Master Audio With Dolby again to start the process. You'll see a confirmation message appear in the lower right corner when it's done processing.
  5. Once it finishes, a new Dolby Enhanced file will be created for each file you selected.


Enhancing multiple recordings

Please enhance one set of recordings at a time and allow the process to finish before enhancing more recordings.

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