Conference Types

We partner with Dolby to provide the highest quality conferencing to host your recording sessions. The conference is a real-time connection between participants and has different quality levels than SquadCast primary recordings. When a participant has a poor network connection, their conference quality may drop while our local primary recording continues at full quality, ensuring you get every word.

We provide two conferencing types to help match your specific recording needs, including Classic and Dolby Voice.

Classic studio conference features (default)

  • Up to 720p video and 128 kbit/s audio.
  • No processing for lower latency, more natural conversations.
  • Remote echo cancellation control.

Dolby Voice-enabled conference features

  • Up to 720p video and 42 kbit/s audio.
  • The noise reduction toggle eliminates background noise.

Switching conference environments during a session

The show manager can switch conference environments between Classic and Dolby Voice during a session:

  1. Open the settings menu by clicking the gear button in the lower left corner of the Studio.
  2. In the Conference Type section, select Classic Conference or Dolby Voice Conference.
  3. All participants will automatically rejoin after a moment using the newly selected conference type.
Sessions keep the selected conference type

Once changed, the session will always use the selected conference type unless changed again.

Enable Dolby Voice conferences as the Show default

  1. Select your profile picture in the top right corner of the Dashboard, then select Shows.
  2. Select the Vertical ellipses icon.png Ellipsis button to the right of the Show, then select Edit Show.
  3. In the Advanced Show Settings section, select Classic Conference or Dolby Voice Conference.
  4. Select Save Changes to save the new conference type as the Show default for all future sessions with that Show.
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