Recording Environment


Microphone Technique

  • Place your microphone directly in front of your face
  • Place your microphone roughly a fist distance from your mouth
  • Speak across the top of the microphone
  • Consider including a vocal screen or foam windscreen to reduce plosives

Headphones > Speakers

  • We highly recommend listening to the conversation using headphones instead of speakers
  • Headphones isolate the conversation audio from being captured by your microphone, while speakers do not
  • Consider lowering the headphones volume to further isolate the conversation audio from being captured by your microphone
    • Some headphones bleed / leak audio out
    • Some microphones are highly sensitive
    • Some microphones are very close in proximity to the headphones

Wired > Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth / wireless microphones & headphones are fully supported, but we recommend against them
  • Bluetooth can introduce latency & impact quality, especially as the battery is below 50%
  • Wired connections for microphones & headphones are highly recommended

Background Noise

  • Avoid recording in rooms with noticeable echo
  • Avoid typing, writing, or mouse clicks
  • Consider recording away from other people or animals who may create sounds
  • Consider recording away from appliances like refrigerators & washing machines that may create sounds

System Notifications

  • Silence all devices that receive notifications that may create sounds
  • Consider enabling Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode settings

Microphone Stands / Boom Arms

  • Holding a microphone in your hand can be fun, but we recommend against it to avoid creating sounds
  • Microphone stands & boom arms isolate your microphone to avoid creating any sounds from your hands or your arms on your desk



  • Natural lighting is always best but is not always possible
  • Place your camera directly in front of your window or light source
  • Place your camera directly in front of where you will stand or sit
  • Consider a 3-point lighting system when natural light is not possible or for more creative control

Tripod / Mount

  • Holding a camera in your hand can be fun, but we recommend against it to avoid jarring motions
  • Tripods & mounts stabilize your camera to avoid jarring motions from your movement

Network Connectivity & Security

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System Requirements

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