Audio + Video Quality Standards

Audio and Video are recorded locally, at the source, for each participant and uploaded to our cloud every few seconds in the background. You can learn more about Progressive Uploads.

Local Audio Recording Quality

WAV format

  • 48 kHz sample rate
  • 16-bit depth
  • Opus/AAC or Optional Lossless PCM encoding
  • Configure in Advanced Show Settings

MP3 format

  • 48 kHz sample rate
  • 64 kbit/s bitrate
  • Small file size, easy to share

Local Video Recording Quality

MP4 format

  • 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080, or 4K HD resolution
  • Configure in Advanced Show Settings
  • 30 frames per second
  • Synced audio & video
  • H.264 video encoding
  • AAC audio encoding

Conference Audio Quality

Classic studio conferences transmit audio up to 128 kbit/s without extra processing steps. This keeps the latency low, and the conversation flows more naturally with high-quality audio.

Voice-enabled conferences transmit audio at up to 42 kbit/s and add real-time processing to reduce noise or correct common audio issues before they impact your conversation.

Primary recordings are not impacted by conference type and will always be the highest possible quality.

Conference Video Quality

The max quality fluctuates between 720 resolution at 25 fps and lower, depending on each participant's network connectivity.

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