AI Publishing Tools

Our AI Actions are designed to help with tasks commonly involved with publishing your content. This includes creating YouTube descriptions, social media posts, summaries, podcast show notes, and blog posts. Once you've done all the writing, recording, and editing for your project, these AI actions aim to save time and let you focus on what you love: creating great video and audio content.

Generate an AI response

How to use AI actions.gif
  1. Open or create a project.
  2. Open the Action bar at the top of your project's script editor.
  3. Choose Ask AI at the bottom of the panel.
  4. Select an action from the list, or type in a custom prompt.
  5. When you're ready, click Generate prompt icon.png or just press Return (macOS) or Enter (Windows).

Want to stop an AI Action?

If you realize the in progress AI Action is heading down the wrong path and you want to start over, just click Stop.

Podcast Show Notes


Instantly generate a podcast title, description, and chapters with a click. This AI Action eliminates the repetitive and monotonous process of creating show notes manually before publishing an episode and reduces the time between creating and publishing an episode. Let AI Actions handle summarizing your episode, so you can focus on making it.

YouTube Description


When you publish your video to YouTube, you can add a description that tells your audience—and the YouTube algorithm—what your video is about.  This is the last thing you likely want to do after you poured all your creative efforts into making your actual video. This AI Action handle auto-generates titles and suggests chapters, with time stamps, for your videos.

Social Post Writer


Social post writer helps you craft engaging and personalized social captions effortlessly based on your project's script. You can add these captions when publishing to social media platforms. Use Social post writer to help you create captivating captions to boost your content's visibility and ensure it reaches your audience.



After spending hours creating a compelling video or podcast you'd think it'd be easy to write a concise summary. But it's not. Use AI Summarize to instantly get a tight, accurate summary.

Blog Post Writer

GIF showing steps for using AI Blog post writer in Descript

Expanding your content reach and catering to a broader audience is easy with this AI Action. It drafts a blog write-up based on your script, which will include a title, the blog copy, and any necessary headers.

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