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Write actions are our AI Actions tailored to assisting with writing video or audio scripts. These AI Action include tools both for when you are starting from a blank project (drafting initial scripts, brainstorming ideas, or creating an outline), or when you need help with an existing project script (improving and re-writing, removing redundancies, or expanding scripts). All the Write actions will help create and whittle down your early drafts, and quickly get you to a sensible structure that ensures your core message comes across to your audience.

Generating an AI Action

How to use AI actions.gif
  1. Open or create a project.
  2. Open the Action bar at the top of your project's script editor.
  3. Choose Ask AI at the bottom of the panel.
  4. Select an action from the list, or type in a custom prompt.
  5. When you're ready, click Generate prompt icon.png or just press Return (macOS) or Enter (Windows).

Want to stop an AI Action?

If you realize the in progress AI Action is heading down the wrong path and you want to start over, just click Stop.

Actions for new scripts

Script Generator

GIF showing steps for using AI script generator in Descript

Sometimes the hardest part about creating video or audio content is overcoming the blank page. This AI Action drafts scripts or sections that you can use in your project. Keep in mind that this AI Action will only be available in projects with a blank script.

Brainstorm Ideas With Me

Turn Descript’s AI into the perfect brain buddy. AI will help you workshop and refine to get the idea wheels turning. Keep in mind that this AI Action will only be available in projects with a blank script.

Outline A Script

AI will generate a script outline based on your prompt. A great option for creators who prefer to speak extemporaneously from notes rather than a word-for-word script. Keep in mind that this AI Action will only be available in projects with a blank script.

Actions for existing scripts

Improve And Rewrite Script

GIF showing steps for using AI improve and rewrite in Descript

Transform your rough scripts or rambling recordings into tight, engaging narratives. Once you've generated a script, feel free to cut unnecessary sections, or move sections around.

Shorten This

If you’re anything like us, sometimes you use lots of redundant, repetitive words, repeating yourself repetitively in an effort to get your point across. This AI Action shortens your existing script and helps you get straight to the point. 

Expand On This

Coming up with additional insights to add to your script can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, causing frustration and consuming valuable time. You can use this AI Action to expand your script on the topic you are discussing in you project.

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