Write actions

Write actions are Underlord's tailored responses to assist with writing video or audio scripts. These actions include tools both for when you are starting from a blank project, or when you need help with an existing project script. All the Write actions will help create and whittle down your early drafts and quickly get you to a sensible structure that ensures your core message comes across to your audience.


Turn Underlord into the perfect brain buddy. AI will help you workshop and refine to get the idea wheels turning. 

Write a script

Sometimes, the hardest part about creating video or audio content is overcoming the blank page. With your guidance, this Underlord action drafts scripts or sections you can use in your project.

Write an outline

Underlord will generate a script outline based on your inputs. A great option for creators who prefer to speak extemporaneously from notes rather than a word-for-word script.


If you don't like your first draft, Underlord can help you transform your rough scripts or rambling recordings into tight, engaging narratives.

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