Managing projects in the Drive view

Whether you're looking to get projects tidied up in your drive, or just need to make a one-off adjustment, you can quickly access a variety of high-level project actions directly in the Drive View.

Project actions

To access project actions, hover your mouse over a project and click the  Project options button on the right.

  • Remove download: remove the locally downloaded source files from your computer to free up space on your hard drive
  • Rename project: change the name of a project
  • Duplicate project: create a duplicate of your project in the currently selected drive
  • Move to...: move a project to a new location or folder on your drive—or to a different drive
  • Copy project link: copy a shareable link to your project
  • Project access: adjust the access permissions to your project

Bulk actions

Moving multiple projects

You can move multiple projects to a new location on your drive.

  1. Click the checkbox next to a project's name. To select a range of consecutive projects, click the first project's checkbox, hold Shift, and click the last project's checkbox.
  2. Click the Project options button on the right of any selected project.
  3. Select Move to... from the menu.
  4. You'll see a panel providing options to move your projects to various drives and drive folders.

Move project menu

Quick views do not support bulk actions

Unlike standard Project actions, you must have either the private or drive workspace selected to use bulk actions. It will not work in the Projects or Quick recordings views.

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