Overdub is now AI Speakers

Overdub has graduated into a new suite of tools called AI Speakers. The reimagined Al Speakers marks a new era of simplified speaker label management, an easier write mode experience, along with other exciting changes. This article will help you navigate the enhancements and changes we've made with our new Al voice model. 

Terminology changes

Screenshot of words 'Overdub' and 'AI Speakers'

Instant speaker creation


It no longer takes up to 24 hours for verification, it now takes under a minute. You also do not need to create a training session to create a custom AI Speaker. The training and authorization process can be done directly from the Drive view or inside a project.  Learn how to create a AI Speaker.

Speaker label panel revamp


Speaker management is now fully integrated into the speaker label panel, eliminating the need for a separate modal. Functionalities include creating, selecting, and renaming directly from the speaker label dropdown. Learn about managing Speakers in a project.

Overdub generation improvements


Overdub is now generated using the surrounding audio in the document to ensure that the new speech sounds exactly like the speaker in the recording. Enhanced verification to ensure the training statement voice matches the surrounding audio in the document for Overdub generation. Learn how to overdub audio with an AI Speaker.

Text-to-speech quality improvements

We’re now smarter about when to generate text-to-speech so it will generate almost immediately, and only when you want it to. We don’t autogenerate while you’re typing in Write mode, so no more time pressure! If you make edits that aren’t covered by these triggers, we will still catch them but on a slower interval. Paragraph-by-paragraph generation replaces sentence-by-sentence generation for more natural speech flow within a paragraph. Learn how to generate text to speech in your project.

Other notable changes

  • We’ve simplified script modes down to just the single Write mode. And AI Speech is now generated primarily when exiting write mode. You can now toggle in and out of Write mode with Command+E (macOS) or Control+E (Windows).
  • Speech generation triggers on playback, exiting Write mode, or if the AI Speaker changes. When this happens, your AI Speaker's audio will auto-generate every 10 seconds instead of every 5 seconds.
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