Scene stepping

Scene stepping is not yet available for screen recording.

Descript allows you to record scene by scene without having to stop and start recording. You can just manually step through scenes one by one as you record. This is great if you've laid out scenes in your project—like slides of a presentation—and you want to record something unscripted, or something that's totally different from your original script.

How to scene step

Screenshots showing steps for scene stepping while recording

  1. You'll need some scenes in your project before you start recording. Learn more about working with scenes.
  2. If you'd like, you can write out your script before you start recording. Or, skip to step 3 if you're recording something unscripted.
  3. Once you've create some scenes, place your cursor where you want to start recording and select Record icon.png Record at the top of the editor.
  4. Set up your recording. Make sure to choose Audio-only or Camera at the top of the recording panel.
  5. When you're ready, select Record into script and begin your recording.
  6. Press Scene step icon.png Replace, next scene to replace your script content move to the next scene. The button is in the camera preview for video, and for audio-only, it's in the panel that appears when you start recording.
  7. Press Stop when you are done recording.

You're recorded content will now be included in your script while maintaining the position of all the scenes and layers in your project.

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