What will happen to my SquadCast subscription?

After linking your SquadCast account with your Descript account, your plan will update automatically. Moving forward, you'll have a single subscription, managed through Descript, that gives you full access to both tools. 

Managing your plan after linking accounts

Once you've linked your accounts, you can view and manage your subscription from Descript's website or app.

Learn more about billing

Check out our article on how billing works in Descript for more details.

Managing teams

Soon, SquadCast’s remote recording tech will be built directly into Descript. Until then, Descript users can use SquadCast for recording, while SquadCast users can use Descript's editing capabilities. If you have team members in your SquadCast organization, you must add them to your Descript drive. Learn more about adding drive members in Descript.  

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