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SquadCast users connecting to Descript

This guide will walk you through connecting your SquadCast account to a Descript account.

Get Descript and link your accounts

GIF showing steps for connecting your SquadCast account to Descript

  1. Log into your SquadCast account. You should see an in-app message prompting you to connect to Descript. Click and it will open a Descript signup page in your web browser.
  2. Sign up for for a Descript account, or sign in if you already have an account. You'll then be redirected to a Squadcast web page.
  3. You'll now connect your accounts; review the offer and select Redeem Offer. If you are part of multiple SquadCast organizations, make sure to select the one you want to link at the bottom of the web page.
  4. Descript's subscription page will open. Please select the plan you want. Once you've connected your account, you will no longer be charged by SquadCast. 
  5. And that's it! Now you can import and edit SquadCast recordings directly in Descript!
Get started using Descript

Check out our video editing tutorial, podcast tutorial, or interactive in-app tutorial to get started editing in Descript.

Next steps for teams

If you have team members in your SquadCast org, you'll need to invite them to your Descript drive for them to be able to access and work in Descript. 

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