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Edit word gaps in your script

You can adjust the pacing of your script audio or video by adding or shortening word gaps directly from your Script editor.

How to adjust word gaps


  1. Right click in your script where you want to adjust a word gap.
  2. Select Edit word gap.
  3. Choose one of the preset option, set manually..., or shorten all word gaps.
  4. If you choose to set the word gap manually, type in the word length in the typebox and press Return (Mac) or Enter (Windows). Descript will playback the section you just adjusted.
  5. Continue making adjustment as necessary
Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your editing
  • Cmd  + G (Mac) or Ctrl + G (Windows) — adjust a word gap at your cursor's location.
  • Cmd + Shift + G (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + G (Windows) — use the last word gap duration. 
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