Replace selection

You can record over any selection in the script and replace it with a new recording. When you replace a selection, Descript intelligently matches the new pacing, so your scenes and b-roll layers remain in the right spot for simple editing later. This allows you to write your script, make your scenes, drop in your B-roll, add animations and transitions before you record anything.

New to recording in Descript?

Learn more about setting up your recording or see our walkthroughs on Recording audioRecording video, or Screen recording.

How to replace a selection

  1. Highlight the section of script you want to replace with a new recording.
  2. The selection toolbar will appear — select Replace.
  3. Then select Record Record.
  4. Setup your recording.
  5. When your ready, select Replace selection to begin recording.
  6. Press the Stop Stop icon to end the recording when you're finished.

Your new recording will have replaced the selected script section while keeps the relative position of your scenes and other layers.

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