Introducing Descript for web

You can use Descript to edit and create content in your web browser without downloading or installing the desktop app.

How do I access Descript for web?

  1. Visit to

  2. Open or create a project.

  3. Start editing!

Current limitations

Editing from your web browser has a few limitations. To ensure the best performance, we recommend using Descript on an updated browser with a strong and stable internet connection.

Browser and platform support

  • Descript for web works best on Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, and Opera. You may encounter issues when using Safari. We do not support non-Chromium browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Descript for web is not designed for use on small mobile screens or tablets.

Media file support

  • 5GB is the maximum supported file size.
  • See our supported file types help center page for a full list of file types that can be used with Descript for web.

Export and publishing

Web export works best on Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, or Opera.

  • If you encounter any "Export failed" error messages, please visit our Troubleshooting video and audio export issues help center page.

  • Timeline export and batch export in a project are not supported on web.

  • If you run into issues, try exporting with our Desktop app. Alternatively, you can always select the publish tab and then download your content by clicking the download icon.

Feature Limitations

The following features are not yet supported on Descript for web:

These features are fully supported on Descript's desktop app.

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