Scene rail

Descript editor with red rectangle hightlighting the scene rail

The scene rail lets you easily navigate and interact with scenes in your composition. You can quickly scroll through all your scenes, rearrange them, copy and paste content, and save scenes as templates. 

Only visible for video compositions

If you're working in an audio-only composition, the scene rail won't be visible in the editor.

Rearrange scenes

You can change the order a scene (and all the layers and script media it contains) appears in your composition from the scene rail.

1. Select a scene.

2. Hold and drag the scene to the new position in the scene rail.

Descript editor with red rectangles and arrow highlighting how to rearrange a scene

Scene rail actions

You can access a range of actions by right-clicking on a thumbnail in the scene rail.


Action Description
Delete Delete the entire scene from your composition.
Add scene above Add a scene above the selected scene
Add scene below Add a scene below the selected scene
Copy Copy the scene's content
  • If you are pasting into a blank scene, all content will be copied into the selected scene
  • If you are pasting into a scene that contains script media, you'll only paste all non-script layers into the selected scene
Reset scene Remove all non-script layers from the selected scene
Save to template Save your scene as a template

Markers in the scene rail

When you add markers into your script, they'll be displayed in the scene rail, and you can instantly navigate to those points in your composition by clicking on the marker.

Descript editor with two rectangles and a line hightlighting navigating your script using markers

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