Troubleshooting issues with timeline exports

Timeline export provides users the ability to transfer their projects to other commonly used audio and video applications. This article provides some troubleshooting steps and details in the event that you run into issues along the way.

Certain elements of a Descript project do not show in the destination app or imported project
See the XML interchange chart for a list of currently supported (and unsupported) features with Timeline export.
In Reaper, Studio Sound intensity is set to 100% despite Descript settings being something different
The intensity percentage for Studio Sound creates a mix of the Studio Sound and source files but this mixdown is not currently exported as part of a timeline export. In order to work around this in your destination app you can either:
  • Leave Studio Sound set to 0% (no studio sound)
  • Leave Studio Sound set to 100% (full studio sound)
  • Replace the track
    • Create a new composition with studio sound set to the desired intensity
    • Export the mixed audio
    • Use the Replace file feature to swap the mixed version of your file with your source file
    • Timeline export as normal
Error: Invalid edit with no respective media
This error may happen when working with source files that have mixed frame rates. Descript typically handles mixed frame rate files without issue however using the timeline export feature will result in this error.

The best way to work around this issue is to ensure that your files all have the same frame rate before importing them into Descript. If you've already imported files into Descript, you may need to re-export your original source file(s) using the same frame rate as your Descript composition (see details), then use the Replace file feature to update the source file.

In Premiere, subtitles are missing after a certain point in the timeline
This issue can occur when a subtitle card has lines that only contain periods. To remedy:
  • Export an SRT file with your subtitles
  • Look for any cards that start with periods on a newline
  • Delete the extra periods
  • Import the fixed SRT into your Premiere project

In Final Cut Pro layers are imported in reverse order
There is a known issue that causes layers to be added to Final Cut Pro projects in reverse order. In order to resolve this, select all of the layers below the script track and drag them above the main storyline.
Re-linking "Missing Files" for Pro Tools imports
This usually occurs if you've excluded the source files copied from Descript and is due in part to the fact that .aaf files automatically encode the file path and filenames for the "Descript source files" (rather than your hard drive original source files (though other reasons for a failed linking could exist).
Illegal Characters It's important to note that Pro Tools does not support certain characters in file names (see here for a list). Make sure that Composition titles do not include these characters before attempting a Timeline Export.

To resolve, click the radial button to Manually Find & Relink on the "Missing Files" error window, then select OK.

Navigate to the location of your source files in the directory tree at the top of the "Relink" window by clicking to expand the triangles, then checking the box for the folder where they are located. Failure to check the box will result in the menu not locating any candidate files to relink.

Select a single file you wish to be relinked by clicking on the file name. Note that selecting multiple files will prevent you from completing the next step.

Once a file has been selected, you can now click the Find all Candidates button below to search for appropriate replacement files. Click the box to select a candidate file to be linked, then click the Commint Links button to finalize the linking process.

Repeat this process with any and all additional missing files.

Video imported into Premiere Pro appears to have a red hue and the brightness settings turned up
Descript does not currently support HDR content but we still allow you to import and use the video. When exported, Premiere is unsure what color space to use and does not automatically adjust. The workaround for this is to open up Sequence Settings and set your color space to Rec 2100 HLG.
Why does Pro Tools rename files with ".A1”
You may see that Pro Tools renames some files by adding the ".A1" extension to audio files. If there are any multi-track files, Protools will add the .A1 extension to them. This is a basic function of Protools when importing projects.
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