How Descript manages files on your computer

Files that are recorded or imported into Descript are stored in a system folder on your computer to assure that your media is always available. These files are synced to the cloud as a backup, but will persist locally on your computer while you work on them.

Over time, you may find that your projects start occupying lots of space on your hard drive. This article provides some steps on how you can check your current hard drive usage, and clear out inactive or completed projects so you can make room for new ones.


Checking Descript file storage

From the Drive view

You can check to see how large individual projects are by navigating to the Drive view and looking at the Size column. 


Can't find the Size column?

If the Size column is not displayed, your Descript window may be too small - expand the window size to expose the column.

How to remove downloaded files for inactive projects

Descript stores all of your files on the cloud, so once you're wrapped with a project you can free up space on your computer for in progress and upcoming projects.

You can do so directly from the Drive view inside of Descript by Removing a downloaded project from your hard drive.



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