View and monitor audio levels of your composition

bottom corner of Descript editor with VU meter circled in red

The volume unit (VU) meter in your timeline shows the stereo audio level of your composition. The meter is helpful making sure your content has clear and balanced audio levels. If a section of you composition gets too loud, this can lead to audible distortion and clipping.

Monitoring Audio Levels with VU Meter

The meter has decibel scale from -30 to 0 dB and will display audio levels during playback. The VU meter will only show levels of active audio layers or clips. For example, if you solo an audio layer, you can monitor the level of the individual layer.

Your audio levels will turn yellow or red if your audio approaches or begins to clip.

3 screenshots of the VU meter, one is black, one yellow, and the last red

Balancing audio levels for clear playback

Here are a few quick tips for balancing audio:

Toggle viewing the VU meter

You can view and hide the VU meter by selecting View > Toggle volume in timeline.

View menu with Toggle volume in timeline option highlighted

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