Switching between video layouts of a sequence

When you are working with a multitrack sequence that contain video tracks, you can choose which video layers to display within a scene. This can be useful if you want to

  • Switch between videos of two separate speakers
  • Show multiple videos at once
  • Change the layout of your camera feed and screen recording.

The video below shows demonstrates how switching between video tracks and layouts of a sequence works with a screencast recorded in the Descript editor.

Learn how to arrange multicam footage

Check out our arranging and editing multicam footage guide.

Adjusting video track visibility

There are a couple of ways to manage how the video tracks of a sequence are within a scene from the Properties panel.

Adjusting visibility 

When viewing a scene's attributes that includes a sequence, navigate to the 'Layer' section. Here, you can toggle the visibility of the sequence's video tracks on or off.

Screenshot of Descript highlighting the toggle layer visibily icon

Swapping a layer's video source 

Select any sequence video layer from a in the Canvas. Then, in the Properties panel, choose the layer's source in  the Multi-cam section.

Screenshot of Descript with numbered steps for swaping a sequence layer

By choosing Active speaker as the video source, all other sequence video layers in the scene wil be automatically set non-visible.

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